Welcome to our blog.

It’s predominantly about our experiences of eating out, nothing new there you might say, plenty of couples do food blogs. I love eating food particularly trying something I’ve never had before, however my wife is a little fussier, ok she’s so fussy she has been nicknamed “the pesky Pescetarian” by three chefs, a name which has now stuck. She’s predominantly a vegetarian who will eat some ‘cooked’ fish and shellfish, nothing raw apart from smoked salmon, so cured, ceviche, tartar and seared are out. She won’t eat Fish skin even if it’s crispy, doesn’t like Monkfish (unless it’s deep fried in batter at La Braseria) but loves lobster and caviar doesn’t like flat fish but loves Dover sole. So picking a new restaurant is sometimes a challenge. To be fair the Internet has made things easier as we can now look at menus online and the fact that restaurants are so much more aware and accommodating of dietary requirements than 20 years ago.

Over the years I’ve shared pictures from our meals out on Twitter but you can’t really go in to detail when you can only use 140 characters so with this blog we can go into more detail. Our aim is to blog at least once a month or more about the places we ate in the previous month but don’t hold us to it.

Adam & Beverley xx