Savoy Grill, The Savoy Hotel.

We’ve been here many times since The Savoy Hotel reopened in 2010, as a couple, for meetings and for larger family gatherings. This time it was for a meal before going to see one of Adam’s favourite musicals – Guys and Dolls. We were joined by our son Sam and an old friend of ours, Michael. As we sat looking at the menu and talking and laughing and catching up a wooden board with smoked salmon and various breads turned up unordered, It came with the compliments of the kitchen. Adam’s eyes lit up. At the other end of the board was one of his favourites, Steak Tartare. I think Michael had some, I don’t think Sam did, but Adam devoured it saying it was the best one he’d had in years and it should go on the menu. He particularly liked the fact it hadn’t been over worked with all the ingredients and the meat had retained a lot of its form and texture instead of becoming an uncooked burger like mush. To me it still looked like an uncooked burger like mush but I’m a pesky pescetarian!!

Both Michael and I ordered the spiced lentil soup with chickpeas and gremolata which was a very generous helping. Adam and Sam had the Linguine Pasta with truffle veloute and black truffle which had previously been on the Truffle Menu before Christmas and was now on the vegetarian menu. I’d heard all about this dish from our last visit in December so I had the Linguine as a main, and I’ve got to say I could see why they all raved about it. Perfectly cooked linguine with the most deliciously creamy (but not overpoweringly creamy) sauce. Adam and Sam shared a Chateaubriand (Sam had rashers of bacon and fried egg on his) and Michael had the very large ribeye, they’d all gone for medium rare and that’s what they got. Superbly cooked and rested, faultless.

As I said earlier we were going to the theatre, we’d been catching up and not paying any attention to the passage of time. We realised two hours had disappeared, it was act one beginners and we had only just finished our main courses so Adam asked if we could come back after the show for dessert. Now I’m not sure if they agreed to this as we have been here numerous times or if it’s something they do for everyone but that’s what we did. We rushed over to the Savoy Theatre, down flights of stairs to the stalls and I’m not exaggerating it really is a long way down probably the equivalent of five storeys.

Adam being Adam he already knew what he wanted on his return, Welsh rarebit. For once so did I… The cheese board. I love a cheese board which I shared with Michael. Adam had some dessert wine I’d never heard of but he loved it and we all talked and laughed and talked some more until we realised there was only us and one other table still going. It was so comfortable it was like being sat at home around your own table, no one was rushing you or pressurising you to leave and I guess that’s why we keep returning. Despite all the grandeur that comes with the Savoy or the history that comes with both the hotel and the Savoy grill, the warmth of greeting, the comfortable familiarity and a choice of menus with something for everyone makes this a very homely and much loved restaurant for our family and friends.

Beverley & Adam xx

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