Scott’s, Mayfair, London

Scott’s is one of those restaurants we’ve been meaning to go to for years and just never been, finally we have. Situated between Park Lane and Grosvenor Square, It’s in a very expensive and exclusive part of London which was further demonstrated by several Rolls Royce Dawn’s parked in the street outside. The bowler hatted doorman only added to the glamour as he smiled and held the door open. Inside is a beautiful art deco dining room with a central bar which you can also sit at and in the middle of it is a display showcasing the fresh seafood.

img_4923Beverley ordered a prawn cocktail to start, its resemblance was nowhere near the one’s I remember from the 70’s. It was beautifully prepared with finely cut lettuce and cucumber, a sumptuous dressing but most importantly succulent juicy prawns and even a langoustine for added decadence. I went for the Monkfish cheeks and snails with bacon and bordelaise sauce. The surprise addition of bone marrow to spread on the crispy bread was a joy, yet another touch of luxury. The bordelaise sauce was gloriously rich and one of the best sauces I’ve ever had.

I’d love to tell you more but the words above were written in July and to be honest I’m struggling to remember what we had. The Blog came second to a busy period at work, our nephews wedding, a month long holiday and then more work, next thing I knew we were heading for October and I’d not done the Blog for three months. Just as I was about to start catching up with where we had eaten over the summer months, some of you will know what happened next but for those who don’t, our son Sam was crossing a road in London and got knocked down. The London Air Ambulance service attend him and placed him in an enduced coma which he was in for 42 hours. He also had a 5 hour operation to rebuild his pelvis. Sixteen weeks on, his recovery has been incredible. We are both training to run the Virgin Money London Marathon in April for the Air Ambulance Service, something we were planning to do before he had the accident. If you’d like to read more or donate please go to or

Why have I restarted the blog? Two reasons. One, I really enjoy it. Two, it’s getting me out of training today!!


Adam x


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