Kaspar’s, Savoy Hotel, London

It was a surprise to end up in Kaspar’s recently, it wasn’t a planned visit at all. We were going to the Royal Opera House to see Giselle and our Son Sam and his Girlfriend joined us for a pre drink in the American Bar. I could easily turn this into a post about the American Bar, going on about how good the Sam Collin’s Cocktail is or how Seedlip (a non alcoholic distilled spirit) is now being used to provide a more sophisticated alternative in non alcoholic cocktails. I like Seedlip but from my friends who have tried it its split, it’s 50/50. Anyway, we decided to meet up again after Giselle and the easiest place to do that was Kaspar’s.

When the Savoy reopened on 10.10.10 it was a completely different restaurant (The River Room) and menu to the one I now know as Kaspar’s. I understand why Fairmont took the decision to change it again so soon after a multi million pound refurbishment and it really has been for the better as Kaspar’s has recently been voted best seafood restaurant in London. Tough competition when you consider Scott’s, J. Sheekey’s, Randall & Aubin are all close by.

Originally this was our belated Valentines night out, it had now become an impromptu evening out with our son and his girlfriend, which to be honest was a lovely surprise. Whilst we waited for them to arrive I ordered some Salmon and Tuna Sashimi (a Scooby snack for me!!) and as it was a special night for us I ordered some Caviar for Beverley knowing that we would all end up sharing it. It was beautifully presented with the Caviar taking centre stage on the top of a two tier serving platter with accompaniments of perfectly chopped shallots, egg white, egg yolk, and chive with blinis and creme fraiche filling the lower tier. It was well worth the expense as it became a shared experience, a talking point and something we will all remember.

The other thing I will take from this evening was watching Sam’s girlfriend cajole him into trying a snail, I was hoping he’d say no and I could have it but he ate it. Can’t remember if he enjoyed it or not though.

Mains arrived and befitting of being in the newly crowned Best Sea Food Restaurant in London, we all had fish. Everything was beautifully plated and cooked, they really have improved over the last three years including the service which previously was very good, now it’s just short of faultless. I had Skye Lobster with French fries – the lobster tender and moist, the fries crispy, but the surprise was the hollandaise that came with it. Wow, wow, wow. Undoubtably the best hollandaise I have ever dipped lobster into, it made the dish. My previous favourite Lobster ‘n’ Chips was at Randall and Aubin in Soho but this smashed it out of the park.

Dessert was a cheese board and a glass of port for me, the perfect way to round off the evening. The other desserts were picture perfect except we didn’t get our phones out to take a picture as we were all too busy chatting and enjoying each other’s company. Sam offered me a spoonful of his, but I was happy enough with my cheese and declined.

I like Kaspars, it’s got a good choice of food to suit vegetarians through to meat eaters, obviously pescetarian’s won’t have a problem. The short wine list is more than ample, some great wines by the glass or carafe and the service is fantastic.

Adam & Beverley xx


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