The Coach, Marlow

One of these days we’re going to arrive at The Coach in the evening having not gone to The Hand and Flowers for lunch. That’s been the pattern so far and this our third visit was no different. After a wonderful long lunch we strolled down the High Street in Marlow to The Coach. When we got there, James the Bar Manager explained that there were no tables available and there would be a little wait. You can’t book a table here, it’s first come first served, after about an hour during which we were introduced to Seedlip (I’ll write about that in a separate post) we were shown to our seats at the bar with a great view of the kitchen and Head Chef James Beardshaw on the pass, who gave us some Iberico Ham as an appetiser along with a fantastic explanation of how the meat differed in color and taste depending on which part of the it was cut from and why. The food is small plates, perfect for sharing whilst you watch the screens dotted around the room, I tried to get James the Bar Manager to put Ninja Warrior UK on but he said it wasn’t a sport. I wasn’t going to argue with him as he’d just made one of my favourite cocktails – Sloe Gin Snakebite. After our lunch we were all struggling to find room for more food but we did. Bev went for the Mushroom ‘Risotto’ Claude Bosi with a side of Chips. As we were so close to James the Head Chef, I asked him how they made it. He made it sound so simple but that’s why he is a top chef and why we all go and eat out. What’s the point of eating out if you can easily create it yourself at home, I go out to eat something I can’t recreate and this is a dish I wish I could recreate. Earlier in the week on Twitter I’d noticed that they’d had a delivery of West Wycombe Estate Wood Pigeons, I had to try it. It was cooked on the bone in the rotisserie oven before having the breasts removed and served with Soft Polenta, Lemon and Cavolo Nero. It was gorgeous, perfectly cooked, moist and full of flavor. I just about had room to try some of the Lincolnshire poacher that appeared in front of Bev but I was now struggling.

There are so many things on the menu here that I want to try, I just need to come here on a day when I haven’t been to the Hand & Flowers first. I love the atmosphere in The Coach, it’s the perfect Pub for me. It’s got everything I want, superb food and drink with a TV so that I can watch the footie. If only this was my local.

Adam & Beverley xx


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