Patrick’s with Rooms, Mumbles.


We were down in Swansea for a couple of days and stayed at Patrick’s with rooms in the Mumbles, predominantly a Restaurant that has expanded over the years and now offers sixteen rooms to stay in. We had a lovely room in the main building this time as I didn’t fancy walking up the hill to the nearby beach house. My laziness cost us a fantastic view across Swansea Bay but my knee was happy!!

Sadly we didn’t get to eat dinner in the restaurant on this visit due to other commitments but we had a wonderful freshly cooked breakfast to set us up for the day.I did manage to squeeze in a bar snack at lunchtime, that’s if you can call slow roasted belly pork with sticky apple, crispy fried black pudding, caramelised red onion and some hand cut truffle and Parmesan chips as a side a bar snack. The pork was gorgeous, all soft and juicy and just pulled apart and there was a long slither of crispy crackling, slightly longer than in the photo but yet again I started eating before remembering to take a picture. All the garnishes worked well together as you would expect from the classic combination of Apple and Black Pudding when paired with Pork.



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